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Unfortunately, the MLS system in Metropolitan Phoenix likes to keep secrets. If an MLS listing is Active or Active-With-Contingencies, you'll be able to see it. But if that lisitng has been sold, had been taken off the market or if it is a pending sale, the MLS system won't show you what you're missing. We don't love this policy, but we have to live with it. If you're not finding what you're looking for, speak up and we'll fill in the missing information.

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You're using the most-robust MLS search available to consumers in the Phoenix area - the same software and the same database professional Realtors use. But, even so, you may not be finding everything you're looking for. Why? It could just be a matter of search strategy, a special kind of double-think. But MLS rules prevent us from sharing certain kinds of listings with you from passive web sites. For example, even though being able to see Sold homes would help you evaluate prices, the Arizona Regional Multiple Listings Service elects to hide those listings from you. But don't despair. We can help you find everything you're looking for and then some. If you would like us to set up even more robust MLS searches for you - with no secrets withheld - just shoot us an email. We won't share your contact information with anyone, but we will share everything we know with you.